Galaxie Lofts

Type: Apartments/Retail Location: Portland, OR Size:62,000 sqf, 80 units

Sunset View Apartments

Project: Sunset View Type: Multi-Family Complex Includes office/club house, parking lot, and garages. Location: Beaverton, OR Size: 264,000 sqf, 240 units

Rosewood Apartments

Type: Apartments/ multi family Location: Portland, OR Includes clubhouse, parking lot and garages. Size: 252,000 sqf, 240 Units

Belmont Apartments

Project: 44th and Belmont Type: Apartments/Retail Location: Portland, OR Size: 63 units, 49,000 Sqft fix use space

Harbor Sky

Type: Luxury Condos Location: Portland, OR Includes flex space, swimming pool and parking garage Size: 340,000 sqf, 240 luxury units