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Established since 2010

Elite electric group is all about helping you improve your bottom line and making sure your project goes according to your plan and schedule

We will give you innovative yet cost effective ideas that will make your project a success. Trust Elite, we are the electrical experts and professionals. We are LICENSED and INSURED to better serve you. Elite Electric Group has been providing fast and professional electrical service to residential and commercial customers for many years.

Elite Electric Group is a local owned business, serving Oregon, Washington and California with solutions to their electrical problems. The scope of our business ranges from: planning and engineering for new construction in commercial and residential wiring to building and maintenance of facilities, remodeling and service. With our vast range of knowledge gained primarily from years of experience, coupled with competent license electricians, Elite Electric Group is prepared for all possible electrical problems that may arise. It is our sole objective to ensure every customer is completely satisfied with the services we provide for them. The highly-qualified and proficient work force of Elite Electric Group gives us the competitive edge for timely job completion, reputable work, and a history of satisfied customers. Our staff of highly-trained electricians are available 5 days a week.


Elite Electric Group is proud to be a strong supporter of the CHARITY:WATER project, that brings clean water to people in need. Founded in 2006, it has helped fund 8,944 projects in 20 countries, benefiting over 3,400,000 people. 100% of all public donations directly fund water projects, and CHARITY:WATER proves every dollar using photos and GPS coordinates on a map. In North America we take great pains to remove chlorine from our drinking water but in developing countries, a simple chlorine tablet can eradicate dozens of waterborne diseases, reduce infant mortality rates and break the chain of death and disease that is an accepted way of life.
The injustices in this world are many and solutions are not quick nor easy. However, by joining us and donating even a few dollars to CHARITY:WATER we can make a ripple that may just turn into a wave.